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Professional Oven Cleaning in Leeds

Using the latest Oven Cleaning in Leeds techniques developed over years of perfecting our practices. We use a van mounted heated tank for the removal of internal oven racking and trays. Allowing them to soak in the heated tank, removes the carbon and ground on dirt for a great finish- LIKE NEW!

We use bio-degradable, non-toxic and totally free from caustic soda. All of our products are friendly to the environment and your home, leaving your oven ready to use as soon as your Oven Cleaner in Leeds has completed it!

Why choose Smart Cleaning?

  • DBS Certified Staff
  • Insured up to £5 Million
  • State of The Art Van Mounted, Heated Tank
  • Professionally Trained Technicians
  • Great Value Oven Cleaning!


We also fit BULBS and SEALS at £5.00 per item!

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When can I book an Oven Cleaning Service?

We take bookings Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM. But, we know that the daily grind of 9-5 is tough, therefore we have introduced an evening and weekend service. So, you don’t have to take time off work or miss out on anything important, to have your oven cleaned, saving you time and money.

What part of the oven do we clean?

We remove the glass so that we can clean it thoroughly leaving it sparkling and smear free. We remove all racking and trays and allow them to soak in the van mounted, heated tank. Then, using the bio-degradable & non-toxic cleaning products we get to work making your oven look LIKE NEW again!

How long does it take?

A single oven takes approximately an hour, with double ovens and AGA’s taking from 2-3 hours

Which towns and post codes do we operate in?

All Leeds postcodes (LS) All York postcodes (YO), All Hull postcodes (HU)

Are your cleaning products safe for pets?


Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?


Which payment methods can I use?

Cash upon completion or a BACS transfer upon completion of works. We cannot accept any credit facility. (Please note: We no longer accept cheques)

Why should I get my oven cleaned?

The accumulation of grease and food can build up causing smoke and toxic smells. It feels great cooking in a clean oven, knowing that food is not being contaminated by previous meals cooked. Landlords and Tenants use our service as an End of Tenancy Cleaning in Leeds so that the next tenant has a clean fresh start to inhabit the home!

Standard width ovens (60cm):
Single door oven £45 (SAVE £5)
+ Hob £58 (SAVE £11)
+ Extractor £58 (SAVE £11)
+ Hob and extractor £65 (SAVE £23)
Single & grill above (aka double oven) £55 (SAVE £5)
+ Hob £68 (SAVE £11)
+ Extractor £68 (SAVE £11)
+ Hob and extractor £75 (SAVE £23)
Range/wide ovens over the standard 60cm:
Single door (including free hob) £74 (SAVE £25)
+ Extractor £84 (SAVE £40)
Double door (including free hob) £79 (SAVE £25)
+ Extractor £89 (SAVE £40)
Triple or four door (including free hob) £84 (SAVE £25)
+ Extractor £94 (SAVE £45)
Prices for extra items booked individually (valid with oven clean booking only)
Microwave £34
Combi oven £46
Super saver whole kitchen offer
Have absolutely everything below cleaned and save up to £148
Any oven or range
+ Hob and hood
+ Microwave/combi-oven
all white goods listed below (5 max) JUST £139
Washing machine de-scale £12
Fridge clean/deoderize/anti-bac £22
Freezer defrost/clean/deoderize/anti-bac £22
Dishwasher clean/deoderize/anti-bac £12
Tumble dryer clean/de-fluff £12

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